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Sydney casual

There are a lot of essays and articles on Paris Style, London Style or Milan Style... But there is a little information on Sydney Style. Since I am living in Australia, I thought I could tell you how do people dress in here. This post is the first from the series I have in mind about Sydney Style and is about the favourite look of women and girls across Bondi or other local suburbs. The look which can be called the world's new black ;) as you can see people around the globe wearing it everywhere and for every occasion. Ladies and Gentlemen let me introduce you - the athleisure look.


So first let me tell you what the A-T-H-L-E-I-S-U-R-E is.

It is called the athletic apparel that people can wear in non-sport settings. In other words, you don't have to be a gym hero to put on this clothes. Thanks to the athleisure we can go comfy in public, without any fashion shame (yeah, but I'm not sure if without any style's shame).

Check out the ads for this kind of clothes. They are definitely sold as something more than just an athletic look:

{1, 2}

But be aware that when you want to look good wearing this apparel, you need to stick to the rules. There are some specific activewear items to apply in your daily athleisure outfits - the must-haves of activewear attire:

- The leggings -

Skip the boring black bottom. If you really want to impress go for the printed leggings for a day out. Currently, you can choose from many styles - abstract/digital or animal prints, sexy patterns. Whatever you ever have dreamt of. 

As leggings are now something more than gym wear, they are also better designed (and more expensive). You can find one with shaping "powernet mesh" at the waist to flatten your tummy and sculpt your waistline or other to push up your butt. Luxe leggings are absolutely essential and are said to be worth the investment.

{1, 2}

- Statement sneakers -

It is not the first season that sneakers are not just reserved for the treadmill. It is for years now that you can pair them with almost anything. The new thing is that now you can find many luxe sports shoes. Because now it is not only about comfort but also about fashion. Every season brings new trends and new hot models of sneakers.

{1, 2}

- The 'post-workout' pullover -

OK. It is not only about trends, but it's also a practical style. The sweatshirt after training can help you stay warm. But it also can help you get a laid-back look by wrapping a lightweight jacket or pullover around your waist. 

{1, 2}

- A puffer vest -

The puffer vest is definitely 'a thing'.  Layer it over in the morning or evening when the sun is out or when the wind makes you freeze.


And last but not the least - the finishing touches:

- Mirrored shades - 

The perfect accessory to complete "an après-gym" outfit is the statement sunglasses. Consider the mirrored ones - the favourite choice of many celebs. 


- Cool cap -

Got the shades? So next step is to get a cap.  It is handy. In windy and sunny Sydney, it can save your hairstyle and helps protect from the sun. 


- The bag -

As I said, the athleisure is not a style to go to a gym. It is a city style, so why not to add to your outfit some designer bag to upgrade the look. It seems a very hot trend. 

{1, 2}

Now when you know what the basics are, you may play with this style. If you are looking for more inspiration just track what Karlie Kloss or Roxy Jacenko are wearing. 

The brands you should keep in mind are The Upside, P.E Nation, Nimble (all three Australian) and Canadian Lululemon.

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